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Pyhä Lake Trails

Culture, mansions and locally grown delicacies!


The southern Pyhä Lake Trail will show you a world full of interesting services and breath-taking scenery.

Pyhä Lake Trail offers different set of routes, including routes suitable for a family with kids. You can make your trip easier by cruising some of the way with a Hopealinjat ship and doing smaller cycling trips at the destination. Also trains will take bicycles on board, so you can plan your trip in many ways.


Five core routes

Pyhä Lake Trail has five core routes and many different travel tips built around the routes. Around the routes we have selected services suitable for cyclists: restaurants, locally grown food, accommodation and everything interesting to see and experience. So it is easy for you to choose the best route, attractions and services for your own adventure.

We have picked the starting point for the routes the Laukontori Harbour at Tampere, but you can hop on the routes wherever you want and use ships or trains to tailor your adventure!

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Pyhä Trails


Lenght: 30 km

Recommendation: A day trip

Maisemareitti (scenic route) is an excellent first step for a starting bicycle traveller. The route is perfect for a relaxed day trip and a good option for a family trip! The route is full of amazing scenery of the Lake Pyhäjärvi and local services are close by all the time. The route is very popular among cyclists and you will never be alone on your trip. So get ready to wave and say hello to your fellow cyclists on the route.


Lenght: 45 km

Recommendation: A day trip

Following the northern roads of the Lake Vanajavesi, this route will show you the Visavuori arts, Sääksmäki bridges and Ilola’s idyllic countryside farm. The route goes through the City of Valkeakoski and Akaa, so you have lots of options to design your own adventure.


Lenght: 75 km

Recommendation: 1-2 days

The waves of Roine will call your name with picturesque scenery. The eastside eskers will challenge you and make you feel like a winner afterwards. Harju Observation Towers will open up an amazing national landscapes that has been an inspiration for well-known Finnish artists.


Lenght: 110 km

Recommendation: 1-3 days

From Laukontori Harbour to Laukko Mansion – this route is full of history. On the bicycle, this route is a real sightseeing tour of Mansions! You can add a ferry cruise with a Hopealinjat ship to Laukko Mansion that will halve your cycling trip. You can take a bicycle with you on the ship. Just remember to reserve your tickets beforehand.


Lenght: 170 km

Recommendation: 1-4 days

While cycling the Vaeltaja, you will travel through Pirkanmaa region and its cultural landscapes and historical destinations. You should reserve some time for this route because there is a lot to see! On the road, you will experience genuine Pirkanmaa region’s life, see many stunning esker landscapes and get to know museums, arts and delicious locally grown food.