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The Personal Data Act 523/1999 (10 §) / EU Data Protection Reculation 2016/679
September 2018

1. Registrar

Ecofellows Oy (18017648-4)
Address: Valssipadonraitti 3, 33100 TAMPERE
Mailing address: PL 487, 33101 TAMPERE
Web Pages: ekokumppanit.fi

2. Register PICs

Pyhä-Näsi -project manager Olli Vakkala (olli.vakkala(at)tampere.fi) and project Coordinator Hanna Eronen(hanna.eronen(at)tampere.fi).

3. Name of the Register

Pyhä-Näsi -feedback register

4. Use of the Register

The personal information included in the register are used for Pyhä-Näsi -project feedback inquiries and also for other communication related to the subject. 

The information is not used for automated decision making or profiling.

5. The justification for collecting and hadling the information

The information included the register are collected by the registered own consent and used for the purposes of register´s communication purposes.

6. Data Content of the Register

Compulsory data are collected by the registered name and email-address.

The data will not be stored for longer than is necessary for their intended purpose.

7. Regular sources of information

The Registers information are collected with a web-form at Pyhä-Näsi -project Web Pages.

8. Disclosure and transfer of the data outside EU or ETA.

Personal data stored in the register will be stored in the Google Drive service, in which case the personal data can be transfered outside EU or ETA. Google is covered by the Privacy Shield certification between the United States and the EU, so personal data are permanently protected by the Personal Data Act and the EU Privacy Policy.

9. Protection of the Registry

Personal data to be reported in the register is transferred over an SSL-protected connection. The registry is hosted by firewalls, usernames, and passwords in a secure Google Drive cloud service.

Access to the register is only available to those who are in the service of the controller who need information in their duties.

10. Registered Rights

The registrar has the right to inspect the information contained in the register. A written verification request must be sent signed to the registrars, the registrar’s postal address.

The registrar has the right to request the repair of unnecessary, incorrect or obsolete information or the removal of his or her data. A written correction / deletion request should be sent signed to the person in charge of the register, the registrar’s postal address.