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Näsi Lake Trails

See amazing scenery, taste locally grown food, enjoy culture and the peace of nature.

Explore the northern Näsi Lake Trail! On the route, you will get to see amazing scenery, taste locally grown food, enjoy culture and the peace of nature. You can make your trip easier by cruising some of the way with the Tarjanne steamship or by using the local trains. Cycling & Tampere Lake Region is a match made in heaven.

Municipalities on the route: Tampere, Ylöjärvi, Virrat, Ruovesi, Mänttä-Vilppula and Juupajoki, all offering tasty local services for cyclists.

Three core routes

Näsi Lake Trail has three core routes and many different travel tips built around the routes. Around the routes, we have selected services suitable for cyclists: restaurants, locally grown food, accommodation and everything interesting to see and experience. So it is easy for you to choose the best route and services for your own adventure.

We have selected a starting point for the routes to be the Mustalahti Harbour at Tampere, but you can hop on the routes wherever you want and use ships or trains some of the way.

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Lenght: 146 km

Recommendation: 2-4 days or a day trip using the ship.

Rantatie route follows the shoreside roads of the Lake Näsijärvi. The roads are peaceful and the scenery is beautiful throughout the route. The lake scenery from Terälahti to Kapee, West-Teisko’s hilly countryside roads and of course the Murole Canal are all highlights of the route. The Summer Cafe at the Murole Canal is at a beautiful location to enjoy a summer evening.

Lenght: 150 km

Recommendation: Full route 2-4 days, waypoints as a day trips or 1 night.

Patruunan polku will introduce you to the northern side of the Lake Näsijärvi. Helvetinjärvi National Park, Runeberg’s Spring and the Serlachius museums in Mänttä-Vilppula can all be found on the route. The route is full of history and fascinating present day.

Patruunan polku combines Ruovesi, Virrat and Mänttä-Vilppula to an adventurous experience perfect for a 3 days trip, where every day has its own theme. Tarjanne Steamship is perfect on this route to make your trip easier.

Lenght: 310 km

Recommendation: For an active cyclist 2-3 days, as a culture trip 5-7 days.

Karhunkaataja is the Grand Tour of the Näsijärvi Lake Trail. The length of the full route is about 310 kilometers, offering a challenge even for an active cyclist. The route has classic attractions such as the Helvetinjärvi National Park and the Ravine Lakes of Toriseva. You will get to know the art treasures of Mänttä-Vilppula and the island scenery of Ruovesi, which has inspired great Finnish artists such as Runeberg and Gallen-Kallela. The same inspiring and peaceful beauty of nature can still be found from there, if you just have the patience to stop for a while.

Star attractions and tips

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Ellen Thesleff’s Murole

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Chocolate & wine

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