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Lakeland Lake Trails offer you the best parts of beautiful Finnish countryside travelling

– by bike

On our pages you can find suggestions for different routes and things to do along the way. The routes are divided into the southern PYHÄ, and northern NÄSI Lake Trails.

On the route, you will get to see amazing scenery, taste locally grown food, enjoy culture and the peace of nature. You can make your trip easier by cruising some of the way with the Hopealinjat Boats or by using the local trains.

There are many different lodging options on the trails. Camp, stay at hostels or check into hotels. Make reservations well in advance during high season.


Cycling & Tampere region Lakeland Lake Trails is a match made in heaven!


Boat and Bike

Combain your cycling holiday with a amazing boatcruise at Lake Pyhäjärvi or Näsijärvi.

Answer a visitor survey and win a wonderful Pyhä-Näsi bike & boat ride!



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