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Lake Trails

Travel tips

Use boat or train

A cycling holiday doesn’t necessarily mean sore thighs and numb buttocks. Our Lake Trail’s travel tips offer many different routes for all kind of cyclists. You can also ease up your trip by going some of the way with the steamship Tarjanne on the Lake Näsijärvi, or Silverline Boats on Lake Pyhäjärvi. And of course you can also use the local trains!

Casual cyclist

By a casual cyclist, we mean a person who casually or even daily, uses bicycle for a short trips. We have designed trips for casual cyclists to have easy day trips and combining different transportation, for example a ship or a train. If you are looking for more challenge, you can make your day trips longer.

Family trip

The travel tips for a whole family have been designed so a school aged children have no trouble cycling the routes. Hopealinjat Boats and local trains are recommended for these trips.

Active cyclist

For a more active cyclist, the routes can be a piece of cake. Still, the longer trips might give you a challenge and if not, the scenery and the attractions are well worth the trip!